Digital Forensic Services


Digital Forensic Services

Providing the complete picture and securing you the advantage on every case. Giving you confidence in the data you receive on every device.

CCL Group started providing digital forensic services to the Metropolitan Police in 2001 and are a long-standing partner of the National Crime Agency and UK police forces. We support the most complex investigations including counter terrorism, serious organised crime, child abuse and major investigations.

Our forensic experts, using proprietary solutions, provide you with complete confidence in the collection and analysis of digital material. Allowing you to present an accurate scenario to the court with no missing data, using collection methods that meet the widest range of accreditations of any UK digital forensic laboratory.

Unlock the full story – increase the likelihood of a successful outcome with techniques unique to CCL Group that go beyond industry standard tools, to access more devices.

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ISO17025 Accredited

ISO17025 Accreditation

CCL Forensics is an ISO17025 accredited testing laboratory giving you the assurance that all data we process from mobile devices, PCs and satellite navigations has been managed with the highest standards in mind.

To view our schedule of accreditation use the link below.

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Mobile & Tablet Forensics

Get the full picture with forensic collection and analysis of data from all devices. Access your data quickly using standard tools and advanced engineering techniques to tackle unsupported devices and applications.

  • Unlock data not normally accessible from obscure devices and applications and present it in a readable format.
  • Retrieve digital information from damaged devices including missing parts and water damaged items.
  • Benefit from unique scripts and extraction programmes to extract data and translate language where required.

Computer Forensics

Forensic services for computer equipment that provides digital information back to you quickly and in line with your methodologies and processes. From using familiar software tools to extract and present data for analysis, to supporting proportionality of costs in the early stages of a case.

  • Get deeper insights into the data more quickly with forensic investigators with over 30+ years of experience.
  • Process multiple assets within set timeframes and agreed budgets, supporting proportionality of costs.
  • Early case assessment to determine validity of a case and assist with prioritising cases with potential victims.

Sat Nav Forensics

Step beyond the industry standard sat nav forensic analysis and build a clearer picture, using deeper insight to unlock the full story. Traditional sat nav forensic techniques reveal part of the story. CCL Group’s market leading technological capacity unlocks even the most hidden insights that are often incorrectly deemed unavailable.

  • Access extensively detailed route history logs, recent journeys, destinations and points of interest relevant to the case. Our capabilities allow us to locate and report on hidden information within device infrastructures.
  • Rapid retrieval of entered locations and favourite destinations. Gain access to system archive logs dating back over weeks and months. Utilise detailed reporting to understand user behaviour and device history.
  • Delve deeper within system programming to extract reliable and extensively accurate data on journey frequency, travel times and movement periods.

Cell Site Analysis

Increase the probability of a successful outcome for your next case by using the most advanced cell site techniques available. With leading-edge surveying equipment and analytical software, we can improve quality and reduce the cost of major, complex and volume crime cases.

  • Our team of cell site experts and analysts can draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience from years of providing reports to both prosecution and defence.
  • Using a combination of leading-edge surveying equipment and analytical software our experts can quickly expose weaknesses in a case and avoid the cost invested in a flawed case.
  • Our cell site experts are experienced in complex case scenarios and when deadlines are tight we provide the extra capacity to meet trial dates and act as expert witnesses in court when opinion-based evidence is critical.

Cell Site Analysis Helps Convict Carjacker

January 2019

The defendant struck six times over two days in Birmingham, threatening women drivers with a handgun, leaving the victims traumatised. Extensive phone analysis placed the defendant at the scene of the offences, helping to secure a conviction and an eighteen and a half year sentence.

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Clients that use Digital Forensic Services

We are trusted by some of the most influential public and private organisations in the UK and internationally.

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Deleted Skype Messages

Computer Forensics using keyword searches found details of an entire smuggling operation within the Skype history on a number of hard drives. The data was extracted and all messages in the history recovered, including times, dates and user account details.

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Sat Nav Murder

The team extracted crucial data from a sat navs internal memory relating to journeys made, trip logs, locations and favourites. Several sites were identified and following searches by detectives a body was recovered and the suspect found guilty of murder.

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£19m Drugs Ring

Investigators discovered 165kg of heroin, with a street value of £19m at a location in the Midlands, UK. The drugs arrived in a container from Pakistan controlled by suspects using unregistered mobile phones. Find out how the team helped...

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