When it comes to protecting the public, serving justice, securing your business and responding to Cyber and information security challenges, it is important to have a partner you can trust.

CCL Group are the UK’s leading specialist digital investigations and cyber security provider.

We pride ourselves on our investigative standards and ability to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

Working internationally, we provide a broad range of ISO17025 (lab testing number 4543) accredited digital forensics services to law enforcement and government, the legal profession and private sector organisations. We have recently achieved accreditation to the FSR Codes. We also have ISO9001 (quality) and ISO27001 (information security) certifications.


The world of digital investigation and cyber security can be a minefield of industry jargon.

At CCL Group, we listen to your challenges and work with you to understand your needs so that we can deliver an effective solution. Whether you are leading a criminal or civil investigation, protecting your assets or responding to a cyber security incident – we have the expert capabilities to work with you.

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We work in an industry based on confidentiality, trust and integrity, and have pioneered the introduction of standards to digital investigation.

Our approach places these qualities at the heart of everything we do. We value your security and information as if it were our own because we understand how costly a data breach or miscarriage of justice can be.

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  • Protecting

    Our proactive approach to digital forensics and cyber security reflects the strength of our research and development resources and our ability to deliver bespoke solutions. When your data is at risk, there is only one approach, and that is to get one step ahead.

  • Responding

    When your systems are vulnerable or have been compromised you need a fast, accurate and trusted response. We understand the financial cost to a business stemming from a security breach and our team of experts are here to provide solutions.

  • Investigating

    Digital investigations should be judged by the quality of evidence and data they produce, not the outcome of the case. We follow the highest industry standards so you can be confident that your case is substantiated and that the data in your investigation is reliable and admissible.

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