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The world's best companies and major public sector organisations rely on CCL Group’s forensic investigation and cyber security experts to interrogate and secure their digital environments.  Integrating digital forensics, data analytics and cyber security gives CCL Group a unique advantage when protecting organisations against evolving threats from outside the organisation and from within.

Under the leadership of the former Director General of the National Crime Agency, CCL Group’s experience in assisting law enforcement to protect the public and corporate firms with information governance and cyber security is why we are trusted by organisations worldwide.

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Protecting companies and society from cyber threats, corporate fraud, terrorism, and serious organised crime.



Responding to evolving digital and cyber threats to secure operations and support investigations.



Investigating the cause and perpetrators of cyber attacks and corporate fraud, and digital material used in organised crime.


Supporting law enforcement and the legal profession on major cases with forensic collection and  digital analysis. Using market leading capabilities to unlock the full story.

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Experts in eDiscovery, internal investigations, and GDPR readiness using proven and emerging techniques to access, review and present large volumes of digital material.

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Tackling emerging cyber security threats so the largest and smallest organisations alike are able to protect their digital estates, staff, customers, intellectual property and reputations.

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Clients that put their trust in us

We are trusted by some of the most influential public and private organisations in the UK and internationally.


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“As always I had a fantastic time at the F3 Annual Workshop; this year presenting on Windows 10 Timeline forensics. Lots of really excellent talks this year and really great to catch up with friends in the industry.”

Alex Caithness, Principal Digital Analyst, CCL Group Ltd

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