Cyber Security – Client Cyber Review

Client Name: Corporate organisation The Challenge: CCL was engaged by the client to perform a review of their Cyber Security. Overcoming the Challenge: CCL used the engagement model 'OCTAVE' (Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability Evaluation), a security framework for determining risk level and planning defences against cyber assaults, involving a review of the organisations processes, people and technology. This...

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Cyber Security – Email Fraud Investigation

Client Name: Corporate Organisation The Challenge: Staff at a small business had been tricked into making payments into bogus bank accounts by an attacker using cleverly forged emails, apparently from the client’s Managing Director. Other forged emails had also been sent using different techniques and the client wished to ensure that attacks like these would not succeed again. Overcoming the...

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Getting to the facts in Road Traffic Collisions

A significant proportion of the road traffic collisions (RTC) reported in the UK, are believed to be caused as a result of motorists illegally using their mobile phones whilst driving. An investigator will want to determine if a mobile phone was being used in the moments leading up to an incident. Industry standard digital forensic tools can be used to...

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Join CCL at the SIOs – Technology Innovation in Investigations Conference at Tally Ho

At this free event The Investigator magazine is inviting the UK’s SIOs, to join us for a conference and exhibition; showcasing all the latest digital forensic techniques, and cutting edge technologies, that have the potential to make a real difference to the efficiency and effectiveness of major crime investigations. CCL provide quality digital forensic services to law enforcement agencies, law...

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Who Does Santa Deliver Presents to in the Digital World?

As Christmas approaches and Santa, Rudolph and all the Elf’s start their busiest weekend of the year; We started thinking of those who might not be getting a present in the digital world and why. We’ve come up with a few groups who might not have presents under the Christmas tree on the 25th: 1 – Those who haven’t written...

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IT Consultancy – Campden BRI

Client Name: Campden BRI – scientific & technical research based organisation The Challenge: When the UK’s largest independent food research company recognised that their existing core IT systems could not provide a firm foundation for growth, they turned to CCL’s IT expertise to guide them through the process of finding a replacement system and to oversee its subsequent implementation. Overcoming...

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Trump Email Saga

"You can't review 650,000 emails in eight days, folks, you can't do it*," Trump says. As the email saga appears to have reached its final act, with the FBI saying Hillary Clinton faces no charges. Donal Trump responded with regard to the FBI reviewing 650,000 emails in 8 days “you can’t do it”. At CCL we know it’s more than...

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Digital Forensics Aids Road Traffic Investigations

CCL have advanced capabilities at their disposal in terms of Road Traffic Collision (RTC) digital investigations. Where the industry standard is to examine communication data only using commercial tools, CCL’s research and development has uncovered new artefacts previously unchecked using bespoke scripts. There was a requirement for CCL to investigate whether a suspect was distracted by their mobile phone when...

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Respond – Search & Seizure

Client Type: Private Limited Company in the Technology Sector The Challenge: Following the termination of an employment contract, our client suspected their former employee of supplying classified and sensitive intellectual property to a close competitor.  Overcoming the Challenge: After successfully obtaining a 'Search and Seizure' order, our client instructed CCL Group to take a forensic copy of the electronic devices...

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Digital Forensics – Sat Nav solves murder investigation

Client Name: Police Force The Challenge: CCL received a Sat Nav from a UK police force, who were investigating a kidnap and suspected murder. The police force’s own High Tech Crime Unit had already extracted data from the suspect’s Sat Nav, but this did not provide any information on the possible location of a body to help focus search efforts....

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