The new Nokia 3310: Part 1

On a recent trip to Kerala, I had a short layover in Dubai and whilst wandering around the duty-free shops something caught my eyes: I couldn’t resist! The salesperson asked whether I would prefer it in blue or grey, but because I intended to bring the phone back to CCL, I was more interested in making sure I got the...

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Windows 10 Timeline Forensic Artefacts

The April 2018 Update that Microsoft rolled out for Windows 10 a few days ago included a new feature called “Timeline”. Timeline is like a browser history, but for your whole computer; it provides a chronology which not only contains the websites that you visited, but the documents you edited, the games you played, the images you viewed or created...

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CCL welcomes Trivena and Tom to our team

CCL would like to welcome Trivena Longmate and Tom Quiney to our expanding team. Trivena has joined as a Senior PC Analyst and Tom has joined as an IT Administrator. We are still recruiting for a number of jobs, so if you are interested in a change in career, find out more and apply today.

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Graduate Assessment Day – 7th June 2018

CCL are constantly on the lookout for exceptional people to join our team. The world of cyber security and digital forensics doesn’t stay still for long and we know that to stay one step ahead we need to employ the most innovative people. CCL are recruiting for a wide variety of roles across the business and after a successful number...

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Mobile Device Lab – Defence Case Examination

Remit of Case A client who was charged with terrorism offences had his mobile phone examined by a law enforcement agency. A timeline of alleged incriminating activity on this phone had been produced which merged activities across multiple applications (web browsing history, photographs/videos taken, notes created, messaging applications). The defence required CCL to review the timeline, containing some 300 events,...

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Digital Evidence does not exist in a vacuum

Locard’s Exchange Principle is one of the fundamental ideas in forensic science which states that: “every contact leaves a trace”. This most fundamental of principles holds true just as well in the world of digital forensics, but increasingly we must consider more carefully both what these points of contact are; and when contact is made, where these traces may be...

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Graduate Assessment Day – 26th April 2018

Following the success of our last Graduate Assessment Day, CCL Solutions Group are holding another Assessment Day on the 26th April 2018. We are specifically on the lookout for Imaging Technicians and Cell Site Analysts to join our well-established team of experts, and would welcome the opportunity to meet keen individuals looking for positions in these roles. If you are...

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CCL welcome new people to their team

CCL would like to welcome Steven Porter and Connor Clark to our team. Steven has joined our Data Analytics department as a Data Analytics Consultant, and Connor has joined as an Imaging Technician. We are still recruiting for a variety of jobs, please click here to see a list of CCL’s current vacancies.

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Nuix Insider Conference 2018

On the 22nd March as a partner of Nuix, CCL attended the Nuix Insider Conference 2018 held in London. After a thought-provoking introduction to the day, Data Analytics Supervisor Laura Geddes and PC Lab and E-Disclosure Manager Stuart White attended talks on ‘Digital Investigations automation and orchestration of forensic process’, by the NCA. Followed by a hands-on lab ‘Utilising Nuix...

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We are Hiring!

CCL Solutions Group Ltd are holding a Graduate Assessment Day on Thursday 5th April 2018. Our people are all experts in their own right. In an industry focussed on innovation and accuracy, we are always on the look out for exceptional people to join our team. If you are interested in a career as an Imaging Technician or Trainee Digital...

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