Penetration Testing Reports Like No Other


Organisations across the UK and internationally put their trust in CCL Group’s security experts to create the most proactive and resilient cyber security strategies. Take a closer look at the quality of our work by requesting a copy of our sample penetration testing report. 

During an engagement with our dedicated penetration testers, you receive a penetration testing report tailored for your organisation to identify security weaknesses, and prioritise threats and remedial action required.  

Each report details the following: 

  • Vulnerability: A detailed account of vulnerabilties identified by the security consultants.  
  • Severity: Each vulnerability is measured in terms of level of severity from low, medium or high.  
  • RemediationRecommendations and practical guidance on removing security weaknesses. 

Designed to be straightforward and easy-to-understand, the report includes a comprehensive summary of each finding, so you know exactly what security weaknesses need to be addressed and the potential impact.


“Becoming CHECK accredited demonstrates CCL Group’s investment and commitment to continual improvement in the cyber security services for clients worldwide. Being commended on a number of points during the process, including our reporting as the benchmark standard that should be adopted by all providers, is testament to the dedication of our cyber security experts for clients on a daily basis” 

Andy Archibald, CEO, CCL Group 

Request a Sample Penetration Testing Report