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Penetration Testing Services

Have confidence you have taken the right steps in security risk management with our expert led penetration testing services. Solidify your digital defences and gain credentials to support your security implementations.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing simulates cyber attack against NAS, cloud based digital infrastructures and applications. Controlled and secure system investigation by trained and qualified professionals can uncover areas of vulnerability for code injection attack against your systems.

How long does it take?

Typically penetration testing will take between 1 – 3 weeks. However this varies depending on the size of engagement, type of penetration testing and the number of systems being tested.

What does it cost?

Cost is dependent on the size of engagement, pen testing types, number of projects and the resolution of potential vulnerabilities that are located within your infrastructure.

Why do we need a penetration test?

Penetration testing allows organisations to identify weaknesses, but can also be used to test an organisations security policy, employee security awareness, compliance requirement adherence and the ability of your organisation to identify then respond to security incidents.

How often should I get a penetration test?

This depends on a number of dependent factors including: business size, infrastructure and budget availability. Penetration tests should be carried out as often as possible, to keep up with evolving cyber threat and to ensure newly added systems or applications are secure.

Secure your digital environment with expert reviews.

Mitigate potential cost and reputational damage a breach would cause with penetration testing that identifies and prioritises vulnerabilities, backed up with comprehensive reports and recommendations that provide everything you need to re-produce the issue and address it.  

  • Web Application Testing
  • Network Infrastructure Testing
  • Wireless Network Testing
  • Build Reviews
  • Network Device Reviews
  • Database Configuration Reviews
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • AWS Configuration reviews

Web application testing

Ensure that the intrinsic make up of your infrastructure and digital environment is free from weakness and vulnerability. Benefit from functional analysis that prevents user manipulation, unpermitted action and confirm the effectiveness of your access restrictions.


Network infrastructure testing

Fully reveal your network structure and its connected devices. Tailoring our service to you, we identify vulnerabilities and comprehensively test threat level to your business (including denial of service if required).


Wireless network testing

Understand the range of your wireless network and all of its access points with onsite and offsite analysis services. Maintain the security of your systems and data with our in-depth professional analysis.


Build reviews

Ensure that your servers and end user devices combine functionality with security. Avoid risking your operational effectiveness, verify that your systems have been securely configured and hardened against evolving cyber threats.


Network device reviews

Get reassurance that your network devices are securely configured and sufficiently protected from attack while maintaining functionality to your daily requirements. Avoid compromising your digital environment with expert insight.


Database configuration reviews

Avoid your business critical data falling into the wrong hands with a professional CIS (Centre for Internet Security) bench mark review. We review MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle and other storage platforms to rapidly identify vulnerabilities and threat level facing your business.


Mobile Application testing

Be confident in the secure configuration of the mobile applications your business relies on. CCL Group’s in house team are industry leaders in review of both IOS and Android platforms. Understand where business data is stored, its safety and protection from digital attack.


AWS configuration review

The AWS console provides your business with multiple services and resources, how confident are you in your level of access management and traceability? CCL Group review all accounts to ensure the enforcement of Multi Factor Authentication, effective logging and networking security.

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