The digital landscape has changed immeasurably since the dawn of the internet and the development of new and emerging technologies.

Society as a whole is creating data at an exponential rate across multiple devices and systems. CCL Group has developed proprietary tools and techniques to forensically access and analyse vast quantities of data for a range of scenarios in law enforcement, legal, and corporate marketplaces. Coupled with advanced cyber security services, organisations put their trust in CCL Group to protect, respond, and investigate their operations.


Law Enforcement

Extensive experience in supporting law enforcement organisations in some of the most challenging and complex investigations makes us one of the UK’s leading providers of digital investigation. CCL Group plays a leading role in tackling modern digital crimes like ransomware and phishing and has even supported the Home Office in research on the internet of things. Our ISO17025 accreditation and adherence to the Forensic Science Regulators Code of Practice highlights our commitment to auditable and unbiased investigation.



We understand your requirements for fast and reliable eDiscovery services. In the context of an increasingly digitised legal profession, we understand your need for a fast and reliable eDiscovery services provider. Resolve disputes, undertake in depth reviews and process vast stores for relevant information cohesively and efficiently. Utilise our in house digital forensics expertise and ensure that you get the full picture from even the most complicated data sets and cloud stored information.



The exponential growth of the digital economy has thrown up key business challenges and opportunities for faster secure connections. Critically, this rapid evolution has also resulted in more sophisticated breach risks for your data. With leading industry capabilities, CCL Group identify and eradicate your digital weaknesses. Avoid GDPR infringement and reputational damage with the most up to date cyber security mechanisms and barrier testing by leading market professionals.

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