Join CCL at the SIOs – Technology Innovation in Investigations Conference at Tally Ho

At this free event The Investigator magazine is inviting the UK’s SIOs, to join us for a conference and exhibition; showcasing all the latest digital forensic techniques, and cutting edge technologies, that have the potential to make a real difference to the efficiency and effectiveness of major crime investigations.

CCL provide quality digital forensic services to law enforcement agencies, law firms and corporates, completing over 80,000 cases since 2001; driven by our ISO17025*, ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards and our strong R&D capabilities, we can extract and analyse data from the most obscure and unsupported technologies and apps.
It is because CCL has such a close synergy with the Police and Law Enforcement Agencies; we are looking forward to addressing this audience and informing them of the evidence available to them, that they may believe is beyond their reach.

The ‘SIOs and Technology Innovation in Investigations Conference and Exhibition’ at West Midlands Police, Tally Ho Conference Centre, Birmingham, February 28; features an impressive line-up of leading technology providers and representatives from UK law enforcement agencies, who will outline the current challenges around areas, such as, digital evidence and suggest new and innovative ways of addressing these challenges. CCL’s emphasis will be focused on explaining how advanced techniques, strong R&D and leading analysts and developers, can enhance the investigation process; delivering digital evidence previously thought not possible.

* CCL-Forensics Ltd is an accredited testing laboratory for Mobile Device, Computer and SatNav Analysis.