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CCL Group are market leaders in consistently providing quality data and insight from a wide range of sources including: cloud, mobile devices and Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems.

Our understanding and experience of working with large and diverse data sets and the challenges of ingesting, analysing and deriving intelligence from this data, makes CCL Group unique when collaborating and reviewing digital material for clients.

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eDiscovery Platform and Processes

Benefit from end-to-end electronic discovery and disclosure services, that unlock the relevant information within your digital landscape when making or defending legal issues:

Data mapping Working with you and your legal representatives to understand where relevant data sits, ensuring all necessary sources of digital material are considered.

Collection Assisting you with the acquisition and preservation of data in a forensically sound manner.

Processing Extracting and indexing acquired structured and unstructured data into a searchable and reviewable format.

Analysis Examining your electronic data set to identify relevant material for

Review Hosting Setup and provision of a tailored online review environment to enable your legal representatives to review any relevant material.

Reporting Production of relevant data, and provision of witness statements and reports to the court.

Trusted review platforms we use


Data Collections

  • Accredited lab ensures the data you present is auditable and compliant.
  • Auditable data collection ensures information is legally defensible data in court.
  • Reputable experts conduct collections onsite or remotely, using accredited tools.
  • Capability to collect from wide variety of data sources including the cloud, mobile devices.
  • Able to manage an extensive range of forensic image and collection types.

Over 2TB data / 30 exhibits collected, imaged and ready for processing within days by a dedicated team in the laboratory


Data Processing

  • Process terabytes of data efficiently to meet case deadlines.
  • Process from a range of devices and data sources including PC, mobile, tablets, cloud.
  • Handle difficult filetypes through proprietary R&D and forensic knowledge.
  • Comprehensive data de-duplication, supporting reduced review time and targeted case building.
  • Utilise defensible data processing and information reduction with our accredited procedures and depth of experience.

Technology Assisted Review

  • Filtering – dates, file types, keywords, LPP identification whilst maintaining context.
  • Facilitate predictive coding methods to reduce data volumes based on document classification and machine learning.
  • Near-duplicate analysis based on document similarity to any given percentage.
  • Email threading clustering and endpoints – reducing review population and volumes.

Data Review

  • Use a variety of review options including: online review platform, terminals and batches, on premise in CCL viewing rooms.
  • Apply redactions during the review phase.
  • Prompt processing and imports of loadfile productions from third parties.
  • Fully secure review software, avoid risking data leak or breach.

Clients that put their trust in us

We are trusted by some of the most influential public and private organisations in the UK and internationally.

Early Case Assessment

Having quick and cost-effective access to digital material for early case assessment is essential for meeting client requirements and ensuring acceptable profitability on each case.

Reduce your data review costs by up to 50% without compromising on quality with our early case assessment service:

  • Access and review digital material, including redactions
  • Quick access to the service, the review portal and your data
  • Early scoping call with experts to identify and determine data sources, custodians, and current scenario.
  • Advice on potential collection methods and immediate next steps
  • Can process data simply to provide a holistic view of the dataset, identifying file types present and generating custom reports before detailed processing and analysis

eDiscovery Consultancy

Our digital forensic and e-Discovery experts draw on extensive experience in the legal process, to advise all areas of EDRM. Secure more successful outcomes with dedicated project management during your case, with technical support and training on review platforms where required, and advice on best practice and compliance.

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