Data Analytics


Work with experts in managing large and diverse data sets to unlock the full story from within your data.

As the volume of data grows exponentially, being able to manage, analyse and integrate data is a critical requirement for law enforcement, legal firms and corporate institutions.

Our understanding and experience with complex data sets, and the challenge of ingesting, analysing and deriving intelligence from data is why organisations rely on our experience to provide clarity and insight through data analytics solutions for complex real world problems including:


edisclosure requirements arising from large and complex volumes of digital evidence


Auditing large structured and unstructured data sets for GDPR and Subject Access Requests


Unlocking insight from multiple assets and devices to present evidence for internal investigations

Clients that put their trust in us

We are trusted by some of the most influential public and private organisations in the UK and internationally.



Benefit from an end-to-end electronic discovery and disclosure service that ensures you are able to consider all of the necessary information within your digital landscape when making or defending legal issues.

Our understanding and experience of working with large and diverse data sets and the challenges of ingesting, analysing and deriving intelligence from this data, makes CCL Group unique when collaborating and reviewing digital material for clients.

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GDPR Readiness

Maintaining your company’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relies on robust processes to prevent breaches in the way you manage your client and employee data. Companies rely on our proven forensic processes to carry out data spot checks to identify and address potential breaches.

Discover if sensitive personal information is located in your structured and unstructured data including emails and email attachments and files stored on shared servers.

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Subject Access Requests

Manage Subject Access Requests (SARs) with confidence. Our GDPR services enable you to conduct spot checks on your structured and unstructured data, and handle all SARs within 30 days to produce the disclosable data you hold.

  • Quickly understand how to identify relevant data in scope, data preservation, and the most suitable collection method.
  • Our robust processing capabilities means your data's collected and analysed so you can determine what disclosable data exists.
  • By using exclusion keywords we can create pools of data and prioritise the order in which documents are reviewed.
  • Data is easily accessible to review on our secure review platform, with export functionality to present the data for disclosure.

Internal Investigations

Unlock the full story with forensic internal investigations that allow you to interrogate a variety of data types providing you with a full understanding of the situation. Companies put their trust in our data analytics experts to support a variety of investigations including IP theft.

  • Retrieve and review deleted data from devices that would not normally be obtainable with standard tools.
  • Process large volumes and types of data with advanced search capabilities using keywords to retrieve information quickly.
  • Data is presented for review in chronological order with full forensic evidence of collection and processing methodology.

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Money Laundering

CCL Group were approached by a law enforcement client involved in an extensive international money-laundering operation two years in the making. Search warrants and co-ordinated search and seizures across several continents resulted in 70 exhibits to be logged and analysed. The team’s analytics work helped the investigating officers  piece together the trail of laundered cash and secure a charge against several defendants.

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Re-examining Evidence

CCL Group were engaged by a large agency that had previously examined over 50 computer exhibits in a fraud case. However, it was deemed by the disclosure counsel that a consistent examination approach wasn’t applied. Using the review platform, the team re-examined the computers and identified over 250,000 documents. Reviewing up to 3,000 documents per day, CCL Group completed the exercise several weeks before the trial.

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Road Traffic Investigations

CCL Group’s unique scripts and extraction programmes are being adopted by road traffic incident investigators to delve deeper into the cause of an incident. Passive Communication Testing determines if drivers were interacting with mobile devices, beyond making or receiving calls. Understanding whether the phone was being used in any context, is helping determine if the use of mobile devices was a contributing factor to the incident.

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