Incident Response


Protect your reputation with rapid threat isolation and elimination.

When your business suffers a security breach, benefit from the expertise of our proven incident response team.

We work to rapidly identify, contain and eradicate internal and external threats. We understand the risks that your business faces. Avoid operational infringement, financial loss and reputational damage with our industry leading capabilities.


Why CCL Group?


Be confident in discretion

We are trusted by leading public and private organisations nationally and internationally. Choose a partner you can trust. CCL Group ensures confidentiality and integrity in all of its operations. Contain threats and ensure discretion.  


Get professional consultation and insight

CCL Group works with you, both in threat prevention and incident response. Devise a tailored threat response plan to combat ransomware, breaches, digital theft and other risks to your business. Plan for cyber incidents today, prevent them happening tomorrow.  


Stay ahead with our research and development capabilities

Innovation is woven into the fabric of all our daily operations at CCL Group. With a landscape of rapid digital innovation, our dedicated team continually work to understand emerging technologies and vulnerabilities. Protect against and fight emergent threats to your operations with confidence. 


Maintain an edge with proactive threat hunting

Avoid becoming a target for cyber incidents, don’t wait for threats to occur. CCL Group offers a range of services to highlight your digital weaknesses before your adversaries. Work with us to benefit from personalised threat prevention package.  

Clients that put their trust in us

We are trusted by the most influential public and private organisations and have proven our ability to deliver
detailed insight within agreed time frames.

Process of threat elimination:



Our rapid response team work to identify the internal or external source of breach and fully secure it from further penetration of your systems.



Fully restore all affected systems within your infrastructure and ensure implementation of preventative measures.  



Review incident reports and receive practical suggestions on how to best secure your digital assets from similar future attack.

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