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Forensic cyber security to find and respond to threats to your organisation

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Cyber Security Company

Have complete confidence in your cyber security strategy to manage new challenges and security threats to your organisation.

Partner with security experts that will observe your systems and networks, identify weaknesses and respond with insight so you can replicate scenarios and take remedial steps to protect your infrastructure. Proactive services to help you build a picture of potential vulnerabilities to address, with experts on hand to respond to and contain any live incident.

Protect your reputation, intellectual property, staff and customers by understanding likely vulnerabilities, access risks and attack patterns that could threaten your company and deliver a prioritised strategy to mitigate threats.

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Our processes and techniques meet the highest industry standards that guarantee quality and consistency in everything we do.


Penetration Testing

Have the confidence you have taken the right steps to manage your security risk with comprehensive penetration testing services performed by our security experts. Test new and existing applications and external facing systems including websites. Provide evidence and credentials of your security posture if imposed by your supply chain, to obtain accreditations.

Mitigate potential cost and reputational damage a breach would cause with penetration testing that identifies and prioritises vulnerabilities, backed up with comprehensive reports and recommendations that provide everything you need to re-produce the issue and address it.

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Incident Response

Limit the cost and reputational damage of a security breach with proven incident response that contains the security breach and identifies how it occurred. With a comprehensive analysis of the situation you can take the necessary steps to prevent security vulnerabilities from being exploited in the future.

Contain and mitigate employee targeted threats including phishing emails, malware outbreak, ransomware or a breach of your external facing systems. Take decisive action quickly to mitigate loss of productivity, cost, Intellectual Property theft, or loss of client data.

Get the full picture; was the source of the breach the only weak spot or are there other weaknesses that could be exploited during a repeat attack?

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Security Consultancy

Our experience in providing security services to a wide range of businesses has given us a unique insight in the security challenges organisations face. CCL Group realise that security is much more than hardware and software; understanding your business and what makes you unique allows us to design and implement effective security governance frameworks that work for you and support the objectives of your organisation.

CCL Group work proactively to identify areas of risk to your business. Tailoring our services to meet your requirements and the individualities of your organisation, we aim to help you manage and mitigate risks to your security.

Where you have specific compliance requirements, CCL Group can offer advice, guidance and implementation assistance for a wide range of popular Information Security management frameworks.

Clients that use Cyber Security Services

We are trusted by some of the most influential public and private organisations in the UK and internationally.

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Cyber Review

Starting with ‘what’s the one thing you need to protect the most’ the team helped the client determine their risk level and plan to defend against cyber assaults. Following a review of the client’s processes, people and technology the team made a series of recommendations, and an action plan centred on the severity of each threat, likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact.

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Web Application Test

The team was engaged by the client to conduct a security review and penetration test, consisting of an assessment of their web applications and supporting infrastructure Several vulnerabilities were identified including a means to bypass the authentication, exfiltrate data, and inject malicious code. This allowed the client to quickly remediate the issues and secure their infrastructure.

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