CCL’s Cyber Security Services

CCL has been providing cyber security services and solutions to our clients since 2002. Underpinned by our deep knowledge of computer forensics, we can expose cyber vulnerabilities in your business that may have been overlooked.

We will externally validate work that has been done to date on a cyber strategy, from both your internal resource and your external IT providers, to determine if it is ‘fit for purpose’. We can help you to develop a strategy encompassing all viable options that may be available to you, and provide:

Penetration Testing
A blanket term for all security assessments, think of us as white-collar hackers who systematically probe your applications and networks for vulnerabilities. As PEN test partners we will place you under controlled ‘attack’ to expose the weaknesses that criminals will exploit.

Red Team Testing
A more targeted approach, our team of cyber experts will challenge your strategies, products and processes as requested, to highlight issues and vulnerabilities before working with you to establish an ongoing plan to overcome these issues to prevent future breaches.

Incident Response
Cyber criminals don’t have down time, so we don’t either. We have staff on call 24/7 to make sure you have a point of contact in the event of a critical incident. Our team are here to help identify the issue and respond to it decisively to ensure that it is unlikely to happen again.

Secure Code Review
We partner with organisations to deliver unbiased code review to accelerate and streamline development and of course ensure that it has the highest level of security for your organisation and customers. Secure code reviews help to identify vulnerabilities within your code.

To discuss your cyber security requirements or if you have any queries around your cyber strategy, contact us on or call 01789 261 200.