CCL Attend Major Incidents and Emergency Response Conference (MIAER)

On Thursday (21/09/2017) CCL’s Director of Strategy, Giles Herdale, attended the annual Major Incidents and Emergency Response Conference (MIAER) as a speaker. He discussed cyber threats and how CCL can help Police and other agencies combat this dynamic modern day crime. He also discussed cyber security and what companies need to do to be prepared to face the modern criminal mind.

The principles of incident management and the ideal course of action to follow when a major cyber incident occurs should be at the forefront of a business’s concerns within the present market. Giles talked about the initial preparation of having a defence plan, following it when an incident occurs and then feeding that information back into the existing plan. In fact, this was the main topic of concern no matter who was speaking on the day. Learn from what has already occurred and feed it back into your response. What’s more, the need to share data, share knowledge, to communicate when any major incident occurs not just within teams but with other parties like the National Cyber Security Centre allows for a richer picture of attack vectors to be formed and all goes towards preventing future attacks.

Of course, no cyber security talk in the current world is worth its salt if it doesn’t mention the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Giles mentioned some of the issues that businesses are facing when it comes to the data they handle and the need to have up-to-date policies and procedures in place to process this data. The deadline of 25 May 2018 is fast approaching for companies to be compliant.

Giles and the team at CCL wish to thank Baroness Harris of Richmond for chairing the day and all of the other speakers for the valuable information they shared.