Windows 10 Timeline Forensic Artefacts

The April 2018 Update that Microsoft rolled out for Windows 10 a few days ago included a new feature called “Timeline”. Timeline is like a browser history, but for your whole computer; it provides a chronology which not only contains the websites that you visited, but the documents you edited, the games you played, the images you viewed or created...

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Mobile Device Lab – Defence Case Examination

Remit of Case A client who was charged with terrorism offences had his mobile phone examined by a law enforcement agency. A timeline of alleged incriminating activity on this phone had been produced which merged activities across multiple applications (web browsing history, photographs/videos taken, notes created, messaging applications). The defence required CCL to review the timeline, containing some 300 events,...

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Digital Evidence does not exist in a vacuum

Locard’s Exchange Principle is one of the fundamental ideas in forensic science which states that: “every contact leaves a trace”. This most fundamental of principles holds true just as well in the world of digital forensics, but increasingly we must consider more carefully both what these points of contact are; and when contact is made, where these traces may be...

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The Smartphone Graveyard

Ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and ghouls, welcome to this spooktacular blog. Pay no heed to the howls, hoots and cackles that fill the air, come on in out of the wind and rain and join me inside… The Tomb of The Doomed Smart Phones Serious note: the last 10 years has seen two smart phone platforms rise to prominence in...

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iOS 11: HEVC and HEIF (heic) files

In a previous post, we took a look at some of the features of the iPhone X and the Apple Watch Series 3 which were announced in September 2017. During the same event, Apple showed off the latest version of its operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 11. One of the many changes in iOS 11 is the adoption...

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First Look: iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3

Last week Apple hosted one of its grand launch events at their newly opened Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino. Along with the expected announcement of the new iPhone 8 and the assorted musings on Apple TV and Apple’s retail outlets (or “Town Squares” as we’re apparently supposed to call them now), came the unveiling of the new “iPhone X” and...

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In my role as a Principal Analyst at CCL I get to work with some of the newest and most interesting digital artefacts. Over time, the complexity of these artefacts has grown in line with the richness of information we can gain from them – and so does the requirement to be able to dig down into this data and...

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Size Vs Accuracy – A Brief Explanation of Precision Recall

A question we are often asked is “How many results should be returned from a keyword search?” The answer depends on two things: Strength of keyword and search methodology Quality and contents of data The thing to keep in mind is that you need to end up with enough results to ensure no false negatives are missed. However, you do...

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Getting to the facts in Road Traffic Collisions

A significant proportion of the road traffic collisions (RTC) reported in the UK, are believed to be caused as a result of motorists illegally using their mobile phones whilst driving. An investigator will want to determine if a mobile phone was being used in the moments leading up to an incident. Industry standard digital forensic tools can be used to...

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Who Does Santa Deliver Presents to in the Digital World?

As Christmas approaches and Santa, Rudolph and all the Elf’s start their busiest weekend of the year; We started thinking of those who might not be getting a present in the digital world and why. We’ve come up with a few groups who might not have presents under the Christmas tree on the 25th: 1 – Those who haven’t written...

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