NVMe, UASP and write-blocking using the Windows registry

In a recent article about computer storage formats, I mentioned that USB enclosures for NVMe M.2 hard drives were not widely available. We have since been able to to obtain a demo board for the JMS583 USB 3.1 gen 2 to PCIe bridge from the fine folk at JMicron. We have been using this adapter to do some testing with an NVMe SSD...

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Write to be Understood

In the 4th Century BCE, a Macedonian courier rode into Sparta with a message from his king: “You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people and raze your city.”  The Spartan ephors sent the courier back to King Philip with their response:  “If.”...

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CCL’s Data Analytics Capabilities

As the volume of data has grown exponentially, the need to manage, analyse and integrate data has become a critical requirement for investigations and security applications alike. Our understanding and experience with large and diverse data sets, and challenges of ingesting, analysing and deriving intelligence from this data, means that we can support clients with the technical, procedural and training...

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CCL’s Digital Forensics Services

All activity which takes place on an electronic device has the potential to leave behind a trace of what the user has done. CCL can support you with the most complex digital forensics investigations including counter terrorism, serious organised crime, child abuse, major investigations and much more. We hold one of the widest ranges of accreditation of any UK digital...

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What the Blazes?! – Why are there iOS Artefacts in my Windows 10 Applications?

Recently a colleague of mine was diving into the Facebook application on Windows 10 when they noticed something odd: plist files.   For those of you not in the know, plist or “Property List” is a data format used widely across Apple devices, both desktop and embedded devices running iOS and the like. They are widely used to hold configuration information but are often used as a more general data...

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Computer Storage: Form Factors, Protocols and Interfaces

I was chatting recently with some of our newest members of staff (We're hiring.) about various computer storage and transfer technologies, new and old, such as IDE, NVMe and UASP. There were a lot of abbreviations in that conversation. There are three in this paragraph! This blog post is all about the form factors, interfaces and protocols used by some...

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CCL’s Cyber Security Services

CCL has been providing cyber security services and solutions to our clients since 2002. Underpinned by our deep knowledge of computer forensics, we can expose cyber vulnerabilities in your business that may have been overlooked. We will externally validate work that has been done to date on a cyber strategy, from both your internal resource and your external IT providers,...

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Messing about with Windows metadata when analysing a Mac

I had the opportunity recently to borrow a MacQuisition licence from our imaging lab for a few days. It isn’t a tool which I’ve had much reason to use before. Given the limited support for Apple’s APFS file system among forensic tools (X-Ways and EnCase have some support now; I don’t have access to BlackLight but I expect it is...

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Defence Cases

The British legal system, adversarial as it is, is of necessity a game of two halves. Attention is sometimes given in the media to the assistance provided to prosecuting authorities by digital forensic experts, but reporting of the case for the Defence almost always focuses on the words of the Defence Counsel. But who provides Defence barristers with the material...

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The new Nokia 3310: Part 1

On a recent trip to Kerala, I had a short layover in Dubai and whilst wandering around the duty-free shops something caught my eyes: I couldn’t resist! The salesperson asked whether I would prefer it in blue or grey, but because I intended to bring the phone back to CCL, I was more interested in making sure I got the...

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