Cyber Security – Web Application Test

Client Name: Corporate Organisation The Challenge: CCL was engaged by the client to conduct a security review and penetration test. The review consisted of an assessment of their web applications and supporting infrastructure, comprising of: Application Security Assessment, Web Services Security Assessment and an External Infrastructure Security Assessment. Overcoming the Challenge: For web application testing, CCL follow an engagement model...

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Digital Forensics – Advanced Passcode Lock

Client Name: Police Force The Challenge: CCL was asked to recover internet browsing history and other data from a mobile device. However, upon initial inspection, the device was secured with an advanced passcode, which can be up to 32 alphanumeric characters long. It is currently impossible to try and guess a passcode this long, as current computers are not powerful...

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Data Analytics – Money Laundering

Client Name: Law Enforcement Agency The Challenge: CCL were approached by a law enforcement client involved in an extensive international money-laundering operation two years in the making. After the search warrants co-ordinated search and seizures across several continents, 70 exhibits, a myriad of mobile devices and computers were submitted to CCL, and it was clear a different approach to the...

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Investigate – Deleted Skype Messages

Client Type: Law Enforcement Agency The Challenge: An individual was suspected of smuggling large quantities of garlic disguised as ginger (which is exempt from tax) into the UK, in order to avoid paying tax on it. CCL was asked to analyse the suspect's computers. Overcoming the Challenge: CCL created forensically-sound exact copies of the hard drives on numerous computers belonging...

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Data Analytics – Criminal Disclosure Exercise

Client Name: Police Force The Challenge: CCL were engaged by a large agency that had previously examined over 50 computer exhibits in a fraud case and produced a significant volume of material as evidence. However, in preparation for the trial it was deemed by disclosure counsel that there had not been a consistent approach to the examination of the exhibits...

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Legal – Off-Shore e-Disclosure Exercise

Client Name: Off-Shore law firm The Challenge: CCL was instructed by one of the largest offshore law firms in the world, to assist with the collection and review of documents. The client was one of the largest banks in the world, defending a claim in respect of a breach of fiduciary duty with a quantum of £110m. Overcoming the Challenge:...

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Cyber Security – Client Cyber Review

Client Name: Corporate organisation The Challenge: CCL was engaged by the client to perform a review of their Cyber Security. Overcoming the Challenge: CCL used the engagement model 'OCTAVE' (Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability Evaluation), a security framework for determining risk level and planning defences against cyber assaults, involving a review of the organisations processes, people and technology. This...

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Cyber Security – Email Fraud Investigation

Client Name: Corporate Organisation The Challenge: Staff at a small business had been tricked into making payments into bogus bank accounts by an attacker using cleverly forged emails, apparently from the client’s Managing Director. Other forged emails had also been sent using different techniques and the client wished to ensure that attacks like these would not succeed again. Overcoming the...

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IT Consultancy – Campden BRI

Client Name: Campden BRI – scientific & technical research based organisation The Challenge: When the UK’s largest independent food research company recognised that their existing core IT systems could not provide a firm foundation for growth, they turned to CCL’s IT expertise to guide them through the process of finding a replacement system and to oversee its subsequent implementation. Overcoming...

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Respond – Search & Seizure

Client Type: Private Limited Company in the Technology Sector The Challenge: Following the termination of an employment contract, our client suspected their former employee of supplying classified and sensitive intellectual property to a close competitor.  Overcoming the Challenge: After successfully obtaining a 'Search and Seizure' order, our client instructed CCL Group to take a forensic copy of the electronic devices...

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