Testimonial: Penetration testing achieves ‘first class results’

Testimonial: Penetration testing achieves ‘first class results’

"I would like to thank CCL Group for the recent penetration testing of Visual Factory by NoMuda. We have been impressed by the efficiency of the testing and how quickly it was undertaken.

The CCL team have been most professional, and they have taken care to ensure that they understand the requirements of the testing and of the product in question. The quality and clarity of the reports produced have been excellent.

Due to their care and attention we have had first class results, which provided us with a ‘to do’ list and then verified that the improvements we had made had worked as expected.

Having a third party undertake this work has given us much needed impartiality and has led to significant improvements being made to the security of the product.

We look forward to repeating this exercise in the future and have now built it into our information security management system.

I have no hesitation in recommending CCL to any prospective party who is looking to arrange a penetration test."

John Burrows, Information Security Manager, NoMuda

Find out more about CCL’s penetration testing service and how it can improve the security of your business here.

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