CCL Group and Spyder Forensics Announce Strategic Partnership.

CCL Group & Spyder Forensics announce strategic partnership.

CCL Group and Spyder Forensics are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership that will bring significant benefits to the digital investigation community in 2019. The partnership will combine CCL Group’s unique capabilities in digital forensics with Spyder Forensics’ market leading research trusted by forensic practitioners worldwide.

New education programmes beginning in June 2019 will introduce an unique learning environment for forensic practitioners to learn best practice techniques and how to investigate new and emerging devices. Practitioners will benefit from CCL Group’s practical knowledge of hundreds of major investigations, and Spyder Forensics’ unrivalled research into the forensic investigation of new devices and platforms.

“The pace of change with new technologies is constant and forensic examiners are facing new data sets and devices that fall within the scope of major investigations on a daily basis. We have created the most accessible environment for examiners to leverage significant research on devices and platforms that would take months to replicate. With more pressure on resources, being able to quickly update skills and expertise and take new learning into units and improve success rates is an extremely attractive proposition for our customers.” Andy Archibald, CEO, CCL Group

Beginning in early summer 2019

Hands on laboratory and practical programmes will focus on best practice processes and knowledge with our experts sharing their investigation experience and practical advice. Examiners will learn how to investigate the latest devices and data sets they don't have expertise in, in the most cost effective way.

“Spyder Forensics is excited to forge a partnership with CCL Group who bring a wealth of practitioner knowledge and experience to our extensive digital forensic curriculum while we provide up to the minute research in digital forensics. The knowledge sharing between our organizations will enhance each of our existing services and ultimately benefit our community in the combating of electronic crimes globally.” Rob Attoe, CEO, Spyder Forensics

For further information and to register for the education programmes beginning in June 2019, get in touch with the team.

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