In my role as a Principal Analyst at CCL I get to work with some of the newest and most interesting digital artefacts. Over time, the complexity of these artefacts has grown in line with the richness of information we can gain from them – and so does the requirement to be able to dig down into this data and understand it.

At CCL we use a wide variety of tools for viewing data, from industry staples to utilities we’d built ourselves when there wasn’t another tool available to do the job. However, we came across more and more cases where we had to use multiple tools just to view the data in a single file: exporting sections of data from one tool to view in the next.

In order to streamline our workflow, and speed up this process for our analysts, we needed a better and more integrated solution. That’s why I created ribbon. It’s designed to help you explore data within data, lets you deal with a variety of formats in a single integrated environment and it provides you with the best view of the data.

Here are some of the benefits ribbon offers you:
Save time: when doing deep dives into new data, or confirming what other tools are reporting having a single integrated environment makes all the difference. For example, we’ve found ribbon helps us save around 45-60 minutes on investigating a new app on a smartphone on average – and there can be lots of them per exhibit!

Wide and growing data format support: ribbon already supports a wide range data types in a single tool; from the likes of XML, JSON, and SQLite to lesser-known, but no less important formats such as Protocol Buffers and Java Serialisation streams, as well as great built-in utilities like the Text Processor and Entropy View. If you want to see a complete list of support in the current version, you can see it here [link to ribbon page]. But ribbon won’t be resting on its laurels! We’re already planning a number of new formats for support as well as great new features to help improve your workflow.

If you would like to get a feel for what ribbon can offer to you, check out the videos demonstrating some of the features and concepts behind the tool and contact us for the 14-day free trial.

We’ve been using ribbon in our laboratories for some time and I can honestly say it has changed the way we work. Moreover, we’ve found evidence which wouldn’t have been uncovered without it, faster than we ever could have before.

As today is the official launch, I’m thrilled to be able to offer ribbon to you at the reduced price of £495 + VAT for a year’s license. This promotion is valid until 31st December 2016 after which ribbon’s normal selling price will be £595 + VAT.

Enjoy exploring that data!

Alex Caithness
Lead Developer of ribbon

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