IT Consultancy – Campden BRI

Client Name: Campden BRI – scientific & technical research based organisation

The Challenge: When the UK’s largest independent food research company recognised that their existing core IT systems could not provide a firm foundation for growth, they turned to CCL’s IT expertise to guide them through the process of finding a replacement system and to oversee its subsequent implementation.

Overcoming the Challenge:
IT Strategy
CCL found a number of issues associated with Campden BRI having two sites in the UK. Different departments were operating independently, often on different systems that were not well integrated. This made it difficult to communicate and share information across the business and resulted in inefficiency and duplication of work. So, CCL produced a detailed IT strategy report making a number of recommendations to Campden BRI and detailing the associated costs and timescales to implement them.

The key recommendation was an entire refresh of the Campden BRI infrastructure which, in its current state, was not adequate to support the business moving forward. This led to a programme of infrastructure improvements, including a major virtualisation project.

IT Infrastructure Refresh
CCL identified that Campden BRI needed a hardware and network infrastructure upgrade to support, grow and develop new capacity. This would involve upgraded external communication lines, as well as a hardware and internal network infrastructure upgrade, and a virtualised server environment to host the current applications, with sufficient headroom to accommodate any new integrated packages required.

CCL subsequently provided project management expertise to ensure in-house IT staff were fully supported throughout this process of major change and the implementation progressed as planned.

Virtual IT Director
CCL holds the ongoing position of Virtual IT Director for Campden BRI and has done for a number of years. This means that CCL is on-hand to provide high level, knowledgeable advice and guidance on any aspect of Campden BRI’s IT infrastructure, as and when required.

The Result:
IT strategy accepted by the Board

  • Improved efficiency and more consistent performance measures
  • Redesigned infrastructure installed – including managed switches, blade centre, VMware, NetApps, leased lines
  • Partner selected for hardware supply, virtualisation and ongoing support
  • Project management of virtualisation process
  • Advice on resource requirements, best practice, management and planning issues

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