Respond – Search & Seizure

Client Type: Private Limited Company in the Technology Sector

The Challenge: Following the termination of an employment contract, our client suspected their former employee of supplying classified and sensitive intellectual property to a close competitor.

Overcoming the Challenge: After successfully obtaining a 'Search and Seizure' order, our client instructed CCL Group to take a forensic copy of the electronic devices and removable media that were seized from the property.

CCL acted as ‘independent’ data processors and facilitated a review of privileged information on behalf of the applicant. Once all privileged material had been excluded, a search using keywords provided by the client was undertaken and responsive data for review was provided.

The Result: Analysis of the responsive data from their former employee's personal devices showed that they had supplied their competitor with intellectual property in the form of customer and contract details. This information was then used by the competitor to approach clients and offer more favourable terms.

The case was settled during the pre-action phase. In addition and thanks to the advice of CCL Group the client now operates a "No Bring Your Own Device Into Work" policy to protect this event occurring in the future.

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